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Remember me?

This is the first week in a long time I haven’t posted at least one recipe and I’m feeling pretty bad about it. But it’s been a crazy 2 weeks. I’ve:

-Served jury duty. I was on the bench and then at the last minute got removed cause the defendant didn’t like me.  I was still there ALL day though!

Saw the Wombats at the Middle East in Cambridge. I can’t remember the last time I danced so much. They were awesome! Check out their song above. Also, their CD is on sale on amazon for $5 this month so definitely check them out.

– worked a lot at my real job

Saw the Celtics play the Bucks. We won! Woot!

-worked a lot at my second job

Did A LOT of crafting with Rachel for our craft fair, which was yesterday. We got together at least 3 times before the fair. We didn’t do too bad, either. We sold cute map coasters, reusable coffee cup sleeves, wrap bracelets, wristlets, head bands, etc/ She will be posting some tutorials of things we sold on her website soon so check her out.

– baked a Trail Mix seven-layer bar…which was consumed so quickly last Saturday by my friends and roomies that I didn’t even get to snap a picture. I’m hoping to bake it again for you this weekend, though!

With all this running around I did, I forgot Cinco de Mayo is this weekend. Which is unacceptable since it’s practically a day to celebrate my favorite drink- margaritas!

But I couldn’t neglect you completely, so here is a few mexican inspired recipes on my blog that you can make for this weekend if you want to do something a little different. If you only make one thing, make the fresh strawberry margaritas! I’ll be making a pitcher tonight =)

Black Beans and Quinoa Burritos

Crispy Margarita Tofu Tacos with Strawberry Avocado Tacos


Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Black Bean Salsa

Spicy Black Bean and Quinoa Soup

Enjoy your weekend and check back next week! I have a full day free with nothing planned this weekend so you can bet I’ll be cooking you up some yummy posts!

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