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Quinoa Lentil Vegetable Soup

These past two weeks have been miserable in terms of food. I have eaten at my work’s caf so many times and had take out so many times that I was feeling pretty crappy this week. My breaking point came Tuesday night when I had two pieces of Peace ‘o Pie pizza (best vegan pizza place in Boston) with a side of vegan garlic cheese bread and a beer. Um…carb overload! It was so good but in a ‘oh-my-god-i-now-want-to-die’ way. You know what I mean?

So, the next day I went out and did some serious grocery shopping, something I haven’t done in two weeks. This is like, a big deal. I have a problem staying away from Whole Foods for more then two days, I don’t know how I managed two weeks. I think I was still in a food coma for Thanksgiving.

Last night I did some cooking, some baking, I had taken some pictures for the blog and I was feeling so good! Nothing like getting back in a routine to back you start feeling better. (I’m also doing 800 crafts. I can’t wait until I get one done to show you. But you know, I’m the Queen of ‘starting and not finishing/taking on too many ‘ crafts soooo that may never happen.)

Then I went to load the pictures…and could NOT find my memory stick plug-in anywhere. I had artsy kale pictures for you! I had steaming bowls of soup in cute bowls with handles! I had pictures of soup surrounded my fresh, colorful veggies. And you get to see none of them.

So sad.

But I really wanted to share this recipe with you because it’s delicious AND it’s for a good cause . It’s from an on-line cookbook that Charity:Water put together with recipes from some great bloggers, including one of my favorites, Ashley of Edible Perspectives, who created this recipe. All photographs in this post are 100% hers. I wanted to give you some incentive to go download the book and donate some money.


Picture was taken and belongs to Ashley at edibleperspective.com

Quinoa Lentil Vegetable Soup
created by Ashley from 1 Cup Water: Charity ecookbook. Click that link to download the books and get some amazing recipes! 

The book is free to download but donations are appreciated. I have donated to Charity:Water in the past when Adam, the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday, had a page for his birthday. What’s neat is you get updates on where your money went and pictures from the project. It was really interested and I plan to donate again for this book. After all, ‘Tis the season for giving and this is definitely a great organization to support. Plus, you get great recipes. It’s a win/win.

Tomorrow, I will be back with what will (hopefully) become a weekly tradition- Christmas Cookie Friday! I have pictures of cookies with steaming cups of hot chocolate and, if I can find my memory-card plugin, I will be sharing it with you right in time for the weekend!

See you tomorrow!

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